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About us

Our Story

Bethesda Christian Centre is a multi-faceted and nondenominational ministry in the heart of the city of Pretoria, South Africa. The church was founded in 1996 by Senior Pastor Clement and Fortune Ibe with a handful of believers, which rapidly grew and became a large, thriving church with a mission to impact the nations with the gospel of Jesus Christ. BCC is a ministry that evokes kingdom excellence and integrity and has positioned herself as a vehicle of hope and transformation, thereby discovering the vital motivation to end the frustration and hopelessness in many lives. Our services are spiritually inspiring, socially engaging, and emotionally uplifting. We are also very actively involved in various community projects through our charity foundation, which ministers to the needs of many underprivileged and marginalized people in the community.

Our Senior Pastors

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Clement Ibe

Founder and Head Pastor

Pastor Clement leads a cutting-edge ministry that exudes kingdom excellence and integrity, with a strong emphasis on believers doing kingdom business rather than simply attending church. He has been able to inspire the spirit of entrepreneurship and corporate empowerment in the lives of many people, both within and outside of his ministry, through the Bethesda Business Foundation, which he founded in 1999. His anointed kingdom teachings are delivered with such depth and clarity that minds are renewed and lives are transformed as he challenges believers to rise above mediocre Christianity and live a life of abundance and excellence. He also travels around the world as a conference speaker.

Fortune Ibe

Founder and Prophetess

Prophetess Fortune Ibe is Bethesda Christian Centre's beautiful, anointed, and multifaceted co-pastor, a woman whose great vision has helped sharpen the ministry's excellence. She is in charge of the church's women's ministry and helps to oversee day-to-day operations. She organises women's empowerment conferences from time to time, featuring both local and international speakers, addressing issues such as relationships, abuse, business, work, fashion, cosmetics, and many more. She is a conference speaker on women's issues, with a heart for first ladies and women in ministry. She is a successful fashion designer, business owner, and philanthropist.

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